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What is Webzieh™?

In short - A website hosting program.

Webzieh™ is a website hosting program along with designing and maintaining the website for the clients. Webzieh™ hosting program designed and owned by Webzieh Creations. We have our own platforms for hosting websites in Webzieh™ all around the world.


A free lifetime domain is not a dream anymore. Webzieh™ hosted websites get a free domain for lifetime. Webzieh™ is the world’s cheapest and best way to own a website. We design and host the website for the clients for a small amount. And also we maintain the website for the customer. We provide full back-end access to customers, which help them to edit the website, whenever they need. Webzieh™ is charging only for the server space occupied by the website.

Lifetime free domain.

We all know, if we develop a website, we need to meet  yearly expenditures every year. Thats domain and server. But with Webzieh™ we don’t have these two expenses. When we choose the plan, we get the website with a free Domain. And the fact is there is no lifetime domain registry, domain is yearly renewable. So Webzieh is paying for renewing domains every year, when we renew our hosting plan.

Server charge based on usage.

Most of the website owners are paying for unwanted features and excess space. Stop doing rubbish. Do you know, we all are fooled yet. Pay for what we use. We designed world’s most affordable and genuine charge for the servers, and of course cheaper than all providers. We have only two plans, and both are with unmetered server space and unmetered bandwidth. So believe us you will have 99.999% uptime from our server.

Other Benefits.

Free Theme & Other Plugins.

We are offering, WordPress hosting, which is widely using by most of the companies & individuals. And the important two things are required to develop a website with WordPress, that is a Theme and Plugins. We can get many free themes and millions of plugins. But a good featured theme costs us some dollars.So we added a full featured Theme along with Webzieh™. And also we added a pro version SEO plugin, which is required to optimize websites according to search engine.

Lifetime support & Self back-end access assistance.

How many of us calculated the amount we spend on updating our website in a year. Definitely it’s 100$+ amount we spend every year to update and maintain a website. But Webzieh™ surprise us with lifetime free updating. Complete back-end access help us to edit ourself, with the guidance of Webzieh™ technical team or we can hire some expert to manage our website. 

Quality matters.

Limited Hosting. Only 90 hosting plans a month.

We are not focused to gather too many customers and give worst service in the industry. Just look around you, all are interested to get more customers to earn more money. In effect of this we buy cheap plans and starting to complaining about the worst service. Let us stop the unethical way of business. 

Listen us first, then decide what’s your priority. We are making clear, what we can do at best for you, and we are limiting our business figures to take the best quality from us.

Webzieh decided to sell 90 hosting plans a month. And 90 plans divided equally to 5 platforms we use to sell hosting plans. Our aim is to give best service in the industry. We know our rates are competitive, and also we need to focus more on excellent quality and support for existing customers. 

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