Our Social Media Platform

We have a big dream to develop a social media platform.We planned many ways to develop a social media platform.But we failed due to many reasons and we extended our project for two years.At last we decide to go head with our project and we launched it on June 14th 2018.And we named it 'liivnow'.

Liivnow is a open social media platform ,which functions 143+countries around the globe.It has many features which includes profile creation,video,image,post,polls,link share,add friends, group creation etc.Our big promise is ,we don't sell data of users to any corporate companies or countries to earn money,because our intention is not to earn money from social media platform.You can enjoy in our social media like any other social platforms,without fear of loosing data.
Now Android Application is available in the name of 'LIIVNOW'

E-commerce Platforms.

Do you know, listing or advertising products or services online are very difficult or very expensive. There are normally two ways of listing products and services online. One method is, create a website and publish the products and services. But it needs too much money on SEO to bring your product in best ranking. Second method is listing your product in some e-commerce sites. But, hard competition brings down visibility of your products.

We bring new platforms as a solution to list or advertise all products and services easily. We introduce new 5 e-commerce websites, with free SEO support for each products. So that, what all products seller list in these websites,can visible faster than any other e-commerce websites. All these websites charge only minimum percentage of order value as service charge.

We invite all sellers to sell online with any of our platform, which help you to increase your business territory and value without spending money.


frewebz.com is a joint operation with a group of highly motivated freelancers to develop and design high quality websites.We decided to support them, as they are with good intention to serve the required people.We are happy to support youngsters to grow up with good motive and we are in front to extend our hands to grow.

Frewebz.com is our-own part working under our licence by a group of highly motivated freelancers.


iiezz.com is our international hand to help everyone who is needed with IT requirements.