Director View

A big story can be shared with you.But I precise it with a borrowed proverb,'Failure is stepping stone to success.'And my version is " Failures are stepping stones to success."

Running behind success is foolishness,because it is a completed poem by a perfect poet.Write a new poem with a new topic is the real artistic work.I tried many business experiments with my own theories and philosophies,because 'Nobody will prove or experiment my philosophy,until I prove it is right.'My every failure opens a new way to approach my success.
Webzieh Creations is a current outcome of my failures. Webzieh is designing and developing an innovative and creative web-technologies.
A journey with my passion,is the most satisfactory feeling.I am happy to accompany the my passion,until I surrender my will.

Webzieh Story

Webzieh creations took birth with a big vision,and it is growing in a foreseen vision. Webzieh Creations is a registered company in Delmare USA,India and Saudi Arabia as Website and Application designer and developer.The core aim of Webzieh creation is to develop own business projects to put signature in various parts of the world. As we live in a globalized and socialized world,we found a wide opportunity to develop a world class business.As a result of that,we developed a social website which is functioning in 143+ countries along with a google android application.An ios application is under process to launch soon.

Then we looked forward to e-commerce sector to develop a website with some changes,to compete with e-commerce giants.So we took two years to develop and polish a new e-commerce business concept.And we named it E-commerce Server Platform.

We started our journey very recently,and we are not much familiar to all.So we hope everyone will give us ample support to develop our new business venture.

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